Why SEO is Important?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the best strategy that holds a core value to improve your rankings in search results in major search engines. people rely on search engines to get any information on the web whether they are looking for something related to health, entertainment, fashion or business. A right SEO approach helps in positioning your website or page on the top of the search results.

By availing top-notch SEO services, you can make a huge impact on your business’s prior goals, such as increasing conversions, qualified leads and sales. As search engines use some algorithms to determine the pages that have the most relevance to the specific search term, SEO increases the chance of getting that relevance to your website on the search results.

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Why Use Online Advertising?

Online advertising is the most considerable way for advertisers to get the opportunity to reach their targeted and segmented web users. As most of the ad networks provide in-depth tracking options, it becomes quite easier to segment your audiences while serving targeted ads depending on various factors. Traditional advertising doesn’t provide that great level of control like online advertising does.

On top of the benefits related to segmentation, online advertising provides you with more options to minor your ads and the value you are receiving from them. This is the most valuable information that should be used by any advertising campaign. Along with brand authority and online exposure, PPC offers you a chance to attain many of your advertising and business targets.

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Improve your website referrals by driving valuable website traffic and leads through strategic SEO approach.

PPC Management

Increase your brand exposure and produce proven ROI with PPC management.

Facebook Advertising

Extend the reach of your business with top of the line facebook advertising approach.

Social Media Marketing

Use Social Media marketing to gest the best results right away with accelerated growth.

Reputation Management

Build and maintain the great reputation of your business in the industry with Reputation Management.

Local SEO

Explore new markets and build a loyal customer base with Local SEO tactics.

Free SEO Consultation and Adword Set Up.

We have helped 100’s of businesses, government organizations and NGOs, and we understand the obstacles you face to compete. We can help you with the proven online marketing strategy and tactics that are guaranteed to bring traffic to your website and attention to your business.

Kaji’s main goal is to help small business understand and utilize the power of Digital Advertising, with easy to understand language and fixed pricing. Start and stop your campaigns anytime, all pricing is fixed so you know exactly what you are paying for and getting.

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Why Choose Us?

Kaji are experienced local professionals that have worked with all types of business, in all types of industries. If you are a small, medium or large business we can craft a marketing plan that fits your budget, with realistic expectations- no hype, no overselling – most of all nothing mysterious or complicated.

  • What types of businesses do you work with?

    Kaji, works with all sizes of business, if you a re B2B, B2C non -profit or government agency, we can design a business plan for you.

  • How do we get a quote?

    We don’t always quote, we put our pricing up front, and craft a plan for you. In this manner you know what your monthly expenses are with no surprises. You will know what to expect in return.

    If you want to do something special, we are always willing to make custom plans within whatever budget or goal you have in mind.

  • How are you different?

    Kaji’s goal is to make the resources usually only avaialble to big business, avaialble to small businesses. With upfront pricing and clear marketing plans and expectations. We want you to focus on running your business and let us do the heavy lifting.

    Kaji also has in-house developers to help you integrate your social media platforms, CRM or accounting systems into your marketing efforts, without overhauling, expensive software or tools you dont understand.

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    Why Choose Us?

    Our digital marketing sales specialists would love to connect you with the right strategy for your marketing objectives. By filling out the form, a member of our team will connect with you as soon as possible to discuss your objectives.