Reasons to avoid using Wix to build your website

Reasons to avoid using Wix to build your website

Have you established a Wix website but found that you are receiving no website visitors? Maybe you attempted to make a lovely website with Wix, but it came out awry.

I’m frequently asked by clients why they should not utilise Wix to build a low-cost website. Initially, these DIY website builders appear to be an excellent value. You pay a little monthly fee and get access to your own personal website.

When you go into these do-it-yourself websites, you’ll discover they’re not what they seem. You’re left with an unattractive website that doesn’t attract any consumers or visitors. So, what exactly transpired?

What’s Wrong With Wix Website?

I tell all of my customers that constructing a website is like building a house, and they always seem to agree. To create anything like this, you’ll need a group of individuals (each with a specialized set of talents). You’ll require the services of an engineer, a structural designer, and construction workers. When you utilize platforms like Wix to create your website, you are attempting to construct a home on your own, and while it may seem good on the outside, it will have several structural problems on the inside. Ultimately, it will be more expensive to do it yourself than to hire a professional.

Unsatisfactory Service

Because you aren’t a skilled web designer, Wix isn’t a good choice for building your website. Building a website involves several steps, such as designing user flows, implementing call to actions (CTAs), and prototyping.

DIY site builders don’t design with a decent user experience in mind, therefore your website’s user experience suffers, and you lose clients and money as a result. You’ll also lose your company’s distinctiveness and brand awareness if you utilize the same website designs as everyone else.

Experienced website designers employ objective-based designs to create user flows that result in increased engagement and sales. Users are more likely to interact and flow through a user flow on websites created by user experience specialists, improving your conversions and customers.

Inadequate SEO

Wix, and other DIY website builders like it, have the major problem of being unfriendly to search engines like Google. To improve your website’s visibility in search engine results, you must use SEO, which stands for search engine optimization (like Google). On-page and off-page optimization are also part of this strategy. To increase the amount of visitors to your website, you’ll want to do both of these things.

Because you don’t have complete control over your Wix website, poor SEO is common. Good on-page SEO requires having access to the website’s source code and being able to see problems with the site’s search engine optimization (SEO).

Because they are created on the fly in a visual editor, website builders are notorious for having poor SEO. This adds additional code and HTML that will harm your search engine rating. In order to increase your website’s traffic, conversions and consumers, consider employing a professional.

Security and Speed

Your website’s speed and security are critical components. In order to enhance user engagement and SEO, you need a speedy website. Website builders like and others that allow you to construct your own website share a server with tens of thousands of other people. If your website becomes slower, you’ll lose clients and have a negative user experience.

Security risks abound when this many users share a single server. It is possible that a hacker might get access to one of these servers and use it to jeopardize the data of every client.

Only a Few Pages Available

Unless you pay more, DIY site builders sometimes give just a restricted number of pages. For the most affordable website package, Wix provides a single page. So many things are wrong with this situation. There should never be only one page on a website. You need more than one page on your website to entice and convert customers.

If you only have one or two pages, you run the risk of getting no visits at all. Content is extremely important to search engines like Google… The more content you have, whether it’s photos or text, the more visitors you’ll get.

Uses Adobe Flash Player

While flash is still being used to create websites, it’s nearly obsolete as a platform for doing so. Due to the lack of crawlable information, Flash is poor for SEO. It’s also quite sluggish, so save it for animations and games only.

Web Ads

When you build a website with Wix, you’ll see a big ad explaining that the site was built using WIX. Your management rate will go down, and your brand’s awareness will go down as well. Customer trust is critical, and when you design a cheap website, your customers will notice. Customers will see your website as being low-quality due of the lack of investment you made in it. Customers realize that you established your website for free thanks to these advertisements. Would you put your faith in a business with a no-cost website?

It Isn’t Special

Wix is presently used by over 90 million people and offers 500 custom template designs. Now, 500 pre-made templates may seem excessive, but with over 90 million users, these templates will see extensive use. Because of this, even if you like your website’s design, it’s likely that someone else does, too.

In order to distinguish yourself from the competition, you need a bespoke website design that inspires trust in the consumer due to its distinctiveness and brand awareness.

In addition, having a generic website might harm your search engine optimization efforts. When Google’s bots crawl your Wix site, they’ll see that it’s very identical to other sites, and you’ll get penalized as a result. The key to attracting Google visitors to your website is to have a distinctive website with distinctive and interesting material to share with others.

Poorly Optimized

Successful websites are continuously improved. When it comes to increasing engagement, you must employ A/B testing and user flow testing frequently. You can’t accomplish any of this when you use Wix to build a small website. Because of this, you’ll end up with a static website that will do nothing for your business but sit there and collect dust.

There Are No Migrations

Assume you are dissatisfied with your subscription and wish to cancel. Your website can’t be moved due to technical limitations. Before you join up and spend numerous hours attempting to build a Wix website, keep in mind that you can’t move it anyplace else and you’re tied to them.

Final Thoughts

Using Wix to create your own website has a number of drawbacks, as you can see in the table below. A lack of traffic or visitors may indicate that the website has not created enough confidence in the company. A custom-designed website stands out from a pre-made template because customers can tell the difference.

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