Convert One Content into Multiple Posts and Boost Your SEO Strategy

Convert One Content into Multiple Posts and Boost Your SEO Strategy

As per many SEO Strategy experts, creating quality content is the key to achieve results organically. This factor applies to businesses that are seeking ways to build new newsletter following or a social media presence.

But as people read a lot of content from different sources, they don’t prefer to read the basic content that does not provide the latest updates, news, or info about different market trends. Thus, you should ensure that your content is native to every platform where you post it.

Well, that does not mean that you have to proceed from scratch. You can easily convert one content idea into the multiple that can scale across a variety of platforms and enhance your brand presence.

It is quite time-consuming to create a new blog post every day, especially when you work with a less number of resources and have a limited budget. The main challenge here is creating content tactics at scale.

So now the question is how to create great content?

Well, it is a great idea to start with the video.

If you have any video to be published on any digital platform, you can repurpose it into many separate parts of the content and distribute it across the preferred channels over a period of time. Let’s take a look at the process.

Scale Content by Using a Video

There is no doubt that typing takes a lot of time as compared to speaking.

If you write an article, it is imperative to do thorough research, write your first draft, make editing, and more. It can take a whole day to create a published content.

Looking for an easy way to perform this?

You can record yourself on any video software, save it in your device and share the video file to any reliable video/audio transcription service.

Obviously, if you depend on text-to-speech, you can still utilize an editing time and that will take more time to edit a text-to-speech transcription. Well, there’s not the perfect way to create content. But if you are not a proficient writer but an expert speaker, transcription is the solid way to move.

Now take a look at the step-by-step process if you write any content, how will you ensure that your audience with find it engaging?

Like other strategies to write content, it is important to focus on planning, creating and executing, and writing in a proper manner

Here’s how you can use your content in different ways:

  • Attract your audience with a catchy title
  • Create a proper outline for the blog and follow it
  • Follow a distribution strategy
  • Use the best video recording software
  • Continue with video transcription
  • Use transcription for creating a blog
  • Use your video for different social media posts
  • Consider distribution

Attract Your Audience With A Catchy Title: 

Content ideation is one of the toughest parts of content creation. Depending on the goal of your content, you come across different starting points.

For instance, if you are creating a top-of-the-funnel article whether you aim to generate huge organic traffic, you should consider doing keyword research in order to craft your title. And for that you need to understand what your audiences look for and how to ensure that you come in their search results.

If you are intending to prepare a breakdown of your product or service, you can continue by interviewing an SME (Subject Matter Expert) and get real-life details on the service/product as well as the solutions it offers to your audience. If there’s any new addition/feature.

For the audience, you can include that in the article and increase the interest of the readers.

Create a Proper Outline for the Blog and Follow It

When you build the structure of your blog, record a video to have a clear insight on how you will create a blog. By creating a proper outline for a blog along with the questions that you ask yourself, you can easily format the blog and transcription after you record.

Follow a Distribution Strategy

Now when you are ready to record your video, you can decide where you would like to distribute your content.

Your way of distributing the content will heavily influence the way you record the video especially when you utilize the video as the content itself. Let’s suppose, if you are running a consultancy firm, the recorded video should be more professional as compared to the video you will record if you running any eCommerce lifestyle brand. If you plan ahead, you can get a better idea of where the content will be distributed and how it will reach your audience.

Use the Best Video Recording Software

There is a plethora of video recording software available on the internet such as Loom and Zoom.

With Zoom, you can get an audio file once you hang up the call. The entire recorded video can be received with good quality.

With Loom, you are allowed to use the chrome extension to record yourself in the video and share your screen. If you want to create a video while including a walk-through or a PowerPoint presentation, this might be the perfect tool for you.

No matter how you record the video, you will get an audio file that can be transcribed and transformed into other content formats.

Continue With Video Transcription

An average writer takes 4 hours to transcribe an audio file of around one hour while an expert transcriber takes two hours to do the same. And a one-hour audio file may contain around 7800 words that take huge time to write excluding research time, internal linking, and related tasks. That means, it takes 1 hour to write 1,000 words to create a high-quality blog post. Transcription makes this process to be done shortly. Well, you can receive the audio file in few hours of the audio file you share through the transcription tools such as TranscribeMe or Rev.

Change Transcription into a Blog 

You will get the transcribed content through email. This makes it quite easy to remove post-transcription. If you have outlined your blog a properly before recording, then the editing process will be very easy. You just need to copy and paste the sections into the desired area in the blog, add keywords, photos, and links as needed.

Use Your Video for Different Social Media Posts

Here’s is how you can get the things done.

If you want to use your video to post on social media, then you can shorten it into multiple parts across every channel. In addition, you can use the quotes from video to make text graphics or social media posts.

You can post your content on below-mentioned Social media channels to target your audience:

  • LinkedIn
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Each platform creates different experiences with new posts but that doesn’t mean you have to start with zero.

If you have recorded a video of 10 minutes, it will become 2500 words after transcription that will take up to 15 minutes to read.

For instance, if you have to edit the video of 5 minutes, you can use it for-

  • A 5 minute video that can be posted in your blog or on YouTube
  • Ten 30 second videos that can be posted on various social media channels
  • Twenty 100-words informative posts on the LinkedIn
  • Thirty 50-60 words content on Twitter

You can also distribute your content at Quora and Reddit and even through email marketing. It is possible to estate the content capabilities by starting off the all-encompassing video.

Consider Distribution:

Now as you created different forms of content, make sure that it reaches the right audience. It is important that the content you have created has a consistent flow. Social media plays a significant role in empowering your business, building credibility, and ensuring its worth as the ideal partner.

How to Enhance Organic Search Visibility?

Organic search visibility is one of the popular terms in marketing. The search visibility of your brand is the percentage of clicks that you receive on your website as compared to the total number of clicks for that specific keyword or multiple keywords.

You can easily improve the visibility of your business by writing a relevant and engaging content that reflects the keywords you have targeted and performed link building to that page. This improves your rankings for that particular keyword as well as its long trail variations.

Well, when you start growing in your business, you start relying on the search traffic. Branded traffic is the biggest driver of organic traffic. If your brand is not authorized, you will find it quite challenging to get backlinks and ranking organically.

Social media is the key driver for brand awareness as over 4.5 billion people are accessing the internet facility while around 3.8 billion have their accounts on different social media channels.

Writing content that helps to get top ranking will always hold core importance – but Google also integrates another type of social media content into the SERPs. Thus you should make sure that you post on every social media channel in order to enhance the organic search visibility and make your brand recognized.

What about Duplicate Content?

Duplicate content means the same content is used on different URLs that affect your brand’s uniqueness. Many websites get penalized for posting duplicate content on social media platforms in the SEO field.

The Bottom Line

Now, you don’t need to prepare one piece of content for posting on a digital medium. Sharing data-driven and thought-provoking content is part of a proven content marketing strategy. You can take advantage of these steps to increase your results and visibility.

Here are some final tips to be considered to launch this content market strategy successfully-

  • Analyze the overall performance consistently and focus on what really works.
  • Don’t hesitate to try new strategies to track what attracts your audience.
  • Analyze the activities a response of your targeted audience. You get a better idea of what is best for them.