Calgary Web Design and UI trends for 2022

Calgary Web Design and UI trends for 2022

Calgary Web Design and UI trends for 2022

When it comes to Calgary web design, what can we expect to see there in 2022? When it comes to keeping your designs fresh and current, what styles and approaches should you learn?

Web design trends for the year 2022 are here, so let’s get started. For the following year, we’ll be taking a look at a number of trends that began to develop in late 2021 and are strong contenders for establishing the tone.

Layered Effects.

Stacking, merging, and overlapping design components may create a sense of depth in a design. There are a variety of ways to achieve layered effects, from apparent and overt to more subtle and subtle. For maximum effect, any option can be used alone or in conjunction with the other. Any Calgary web designer should incorporate layered effects into their websites.

Design Elements in Three Dimensions

A new trend is to mix 3D features into a more flat overall design, rather than creating a completely 3D website in 2020 and 2021. To add a sense of depth and dimension, 3D elements like as shadows, animations, and layer effects are frequently used.

It is also possible to communicate a tale visually using three-dimensional design. You should think about how you can capture depths of field and shadows in your tale or product. Using video, like the one seen above, is a tried and reliable method of delivering this approach.

Text Elements that Move With the Page

Text components may be dynamic while still being readable. Using large fonts, a few phrases, and a single place, scrolling text components may emphasize essential words and pique the interest of the user.

When scrolling text, it’s common to see it travel slowly across the screen to the left, away from any distracting elements. If you’re going to utilize an outline typeface, keep your sentences and paragraphs short and simple.

It is important to separate calls-to-action and other messaging from scrolling text so that visitors can easily comprehend them.

You may stimulate user involvement and engagement by using scrolling text choices on your website, not simply as a Calgary web design trend.

Mega Footers

One of the key Calgary web design aspects for websites in 2022 will be mega footers, which will be especially useful for those with a lot of content, several pages, or numerous points of interaction.

Organizational data, social networking connections, a nonprofit disclaimer, a copyright notice, and housekeeping links should all be found in the footer bar. It’s possible for mega-footers to take on a brutalist look. Making it easy for people to locate the information they need is the key to a well-organized website.


When it comes to Calgary web design trends, the new year is already poised to erupt in a spectacular way. Consider how you may incorporate these features into your current projects or create something entirely new using these ideas. Above all, remember to have fun!

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